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August 28th, 2006

10:53 pm: Does it qualify as a quarter-life crisis when you hear the song "Be My Baby" and (logically) decide you must at once abandon whatever you are watching on tv to watch Dirty Dancing, then realize that this movie hasn't once failed to make you happy in...and then you stop to count- GOING ON TWENTY YEARS!?!? Because I remember, quite clearly, when I saw this for the first time. My mom was watching it. When I walked in, Baby was carrying a watermelon. Little did I know the effect this film would have on my developmental years. (By the way? It's still on now. And 'Hungry Eyes' is starting. Gugoonk.) I had a Dirty Dancing 10th birthday party. Which, at ten, consists of giggly 10 year old girls listening to the soundtrack, eating cake, then ogling the Patrick Swayze poster I got as a present. (He was sitting by a tracker wearing overalls and you could see one nipple. When you're ten, that's like porn.) So yeah, that made me feel old. But I still love this movie.

I see my apartment on Thursday. I've driven by it twice just to admire the neighborhood and tonight I stopped for groceries in the Hannie's that I WOULD go to once I started living there. Less than a month to go!!!

Lastly, I need an opinion? When you are dating more than one person (which all the magazines tell me is ok until you are exclusive!) , does anyone know the logistics of that? Do I have to tell one about the other when things are casual? Probably lame to ask, but I haven't been in this situation in the real, non-college world and I don't know to work it!

August 12th, 2006

01:49 am: Quitting smoking. Take, oh, I don't know- five? Ish?
So I stopped smoking. Again. I was doing reasonably well last time until I went to Florida. By then, I'd bummed enough social smokes at the bar to rationalize (somehow, and I SWEAR this made sense at the time) letting myself smoke on vacation, because if it was a change of scenery, obviously it wouldn't carry over back into everyday life, right? Nope, I'm a jackass. So today is day 4. Except I cheated yesterday. Once. So it's day one. Dammit!

Otherwise, still excited for the move, still working on my financial makeover, and still juggling the blind dates my friends are setting me up on. (The first ought to be this week. I'll update after. Just out of curiosity, has anyone had a blind date that actually worked out well? Or am I just being amiable to the point of masochism?)

August 8th, 2006

10:32 pm: Wow.

I just shredded all but one of my credit cards (I saved one for emergencies, which I will freeze in water). The trick is to do it real quick, so's you don't really comprehend what you are doing until you see the pretty remnants of your Old Navy and Victorias Secret cards sitting in the middle of all of your mom's discarded mail.

Here's to stopping the insanity. Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm just going to go yarf!

August 3rd, 2006

10:02 pm: Things that are good
-Tonight they did one of Mia's pieces to 'Hide and Seek' on So You Think You Can Dance.
-Thanks to Craigslist, I may have found a roommate and a beeYOOtiful little townhouse in Portland, up North Deering way. In a month and a half, I could be not living with my parents! My budget, crunched 3 times, says I can just make it work. I still get all nervous like and think things like what if I lose my job? But the good thing is, with my job, unless I did something truly horrifying to get canned, they would help me find another job and just make money off of me. But that's even besides the point- it could always happen, and I can't live with my parents forever just because it's easy. (Even though I think my mom really wants me to.) So, that's exciting. And the place is so pretty! There's a deck! And a lawn! And windows!
- This weekend I'm going to visit my Robyn. That's brilliant.
- Tomorrow night we're going to see Ricky Bobby. I will laugh and laugh.

Things that are bad
-I haven't seen Clerks 2 yet.
- Tomorrow I have to interview someone named Doodoo. I think I may not be enough of a grown-up to go into a waiting room full of people and call for her.

July 18th, 2006

11:19 pm: When work is stressful and you still have three days left, and you haven't packed all the things you've been meaning to so you can move soon, there's only one thing to do:

Drink a couple of glasses of pinot and watch Gone With the Wind. Seriously. I've found little that it can't fix.

In other news, I've been thinking a lot about the vacation I want to take. Next year,or the year after I want to finally take the trip to Prince Edward Island I've wanted to take since I was 6. I may even go alone, although it could be more fun to go with someone who would appreciate it. (And yes, Barrett and Greens, I'm looking in your general direction!)

Oh, and I'm a godmother! Everything went off without a hitch, even if I did oh so discreetly cross my fingers when I pledged to the whole "revoking sinful desires" bit. Lucas can't hold it against me. He should have sinful desires someday too! Erika and Steven and his parents threw a brilliant party afterwards, and as my co-godparent Paul said, we should get someone baptized every week!

July 10th, 2006

11:03 pm: I have a dirty secret...

On Monday nights, I like to have a drink or two and......watch the new Lifetime movie.

There, I said it. It's all shite, but it's hard to come back from a sunny weekend on the beach and go back to work! By the end of the day I NEED***glances at tv*** Illeana Douglas and MaeBee from Arrested Development taking on the closed minded midwestern town that condemned her for witchcraft.

I don't know if I've said it here before, but I have two new kittens. Who I've been babysitting all night. Spike just tried to climb my bathrobe up the closet door to the ceiling, and Fenway just jumped up on my bed with a red lace bra on his head. They are so cute it makes me want to hurl. Spike is mine. He's mostly white with a face like that tiger that mauled Roy (I almost named him Montecore) and, in a new development, goes completely cross-eyed when he's intent on something.) He's the funniest looking thing I've ever seen and I love him dearly. Fenway is your standard runt-of-the-litter tiger kitten. He belongs on a poster saying something like "Hang in there, baby!".

Wait. Spike wants to say something. 23iubkvklnhmi,oip;u

Well put. Happy Monday.

June 29th, 2006

10:55 pm: Today the word on my Word of the Day calendar was "parlay". So now, I am watching Pirates of the Caribbean.

My Word of the Day calendar is smart.

May 14th, 2006

11:08 pm: I love getting out of town for the weekend, but at the same time it feels like I have to go back to work and I haven't even left! I've been filling flipping job orders in my sleep!

I saw Wicked with Abby today, though, so its all good. I spent lots of time walking through the city in the rain, and we had to make our way through a flood to get home, but it's well worth it for the rush of that music starting and the dragon clock's eyes lighting up. Just as good as the first time (if I didn't like the Elphaba quite as much).

While I was getting off the T at Davis Square yesterday, I passed a guy running for the train that I know I knew- I just can't remember from where. I thought for a second I was wrong, but I turned to look and HE turned to look, then started to say something- and the train door closed. It'll drive me insane.

May 9th, 2006

11:04 pm: I turned into a flippin dork when I wasn't looking.

I have been randomly calling to vote for Elliot for almost two hours and not ONCE have I been able to get through! I am choosing to call that a good sign.

I haven't watched American Idol for years. I don't understand how this happened. I'm going to blame it on too much work stress and red wine. But lo and behold, stop paying attention for a few minutes and before you know it you're ready to start shouting matches with the girls at work in defense of the dorky kid on AI. In any case. GO TEAM ELLIOT!

I have meant to send good wishes to so many of you- I kept reading and reading and then eventually I realized that I wasn't writing anything. But I swear, I'm reading and thinking of all of you!

Work is stressful. Good, but, stress. Next month I'm taking off for a few days to go to Orlando for Erika and Steven's wedding. And, DISNEY (bonus!). I have never been to Disney World, and I'm only going for a day, and a) Pirates of the Caribbean is closed for renovations (Growl!) b) I want to go on Splash Mountain and maybe to the Animal Kingdom to see the Safari, and c) I don't really care about Mickey or any of that, but if I run into Stitch and/or The Little Mermaid (can she walk?) I will probably turn into a hyper child. I'll take pictures so you can laugh at me.

Ooh! AND I am going to Boston this weekend to spend QT with Abby and we are going to see Wicked. Score! Also, I want to see an IMAX movie, because I haven't since 8th grade field trip with some airplane movie with Val Kilmer, and Poseidon is coming out. That sounds like a pretty kickass way to see it. So I might do that while Abs is working Saturday night. Then, there will be much free beer while I catch up with my girl.

ION, I haven't been paying much attention to Law and Order: SVU tonight , but why don't those pretty detectives just do it already? (OOH! And the SVU is taking on Tom Cruise next week! SWEETASS!)

March 31st, 2006

12:00 am: The Waiting Game sucks! Let's play Hungry Hungry Hippos!

Seriously? I'm no good at The Dating Game. The whole "if he calls later than Wednesday, thou must be unavailable for the weekend", "wait two hours to call back", etc. etc. kind of thing. I feel that I deserve a big pat on the back simply for conducting coherent conversation, let alone playing this whole game of chess. So, I'm letting the girls at work do it for me. They are like a big relationship computer- I give them the circumstances, and they tell me what to do. This works out ok , because I have to give about 95% of my brain to learning my new job. I fill job orders, and they remind me not to email the boy with cute hair again.

This week at work has been stressing me out to no end. I hate being New Girl. I hate not knowing what to do and having to ask questions and not being in control of the situation. I know in a few weeks it will be better. But I do hate the being new part.

I won't lie. I love thinking about what that commission check is going to do. I LURVE the idea that I won't be stressing out over credit card bills in a few months. And I'm going to be sitting on my hands to not look for an apartment in Portland right away. (Although, if any of y'all know of a great deal or good people looking for a roomie, please run it by me. You know. Just in case.)

Also? I am on-call for the next month for my soon-to-be godson's baptism/christening/whatever-religious-folk-call-it in the next month. Mom and Dad are fully aware of my heathenism, but I am taking bets now- will I set on fire as soon as I step into the church, or will it be the holy water that does me in? I don't want to set the little dude on fire when he's wearing that big flammable dress.

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